I Havent Been Slack!!

The last week and a bit, for me has been spent quilting my Family Values quilt.....a total of 35 hours!!!! but its all done except the bindings!!!! and that was in between working and looking after my family (MIL included!!!)......so i celebrated!!! tonite i made 2 SBS blocks, the other one i stitched before i started quilting:

This is Sisters Choice at the top, Wedding Ring to the left and Contrary husband on the right....ohhhh how i love these SBS blocks....once im fully done with the quilt, im working on my "loggies" and my SBS quilts....just for awhile!!!
Happy stitching
Rose xxx


  1. Your blocks are so pretty, sweetie! I really love the colours and fabrics you have chosen! And I'm soo looking forward to seeing your quilt come together! Have fun with the blocks, and enjoy yourself :o)

    Looking forward to seeing the BOM all done as well, but do the binding when you are ready.

    Lots of {{{hugs}}}

  2. WOW!!! I am impressed, done with the quilting on Family Values! Wow...

    good job! Can't wait to see a photo of the finished quilt.

    Pam @

  3. Sounds like you have been very busy on your holiday. I am excited to see the finished Family Values quilt. Love the SBS blocks. They are really pretty blocks.

  4. I can't imagine you ever being slack.
    Your blocks are adorable. Well done.
    Your post yesterday about the picnic sounded just magical. What a lovely time for all of you.

  5. The blocks look great. Sister's Choice is my number 1 favorite block, but 7.5" is the smallest one I've ever made, or ever will make. =)

  6. like all these different blocks that people are doing....all different colour choices to...looks like the picnic was fun and I love the avenue of trees....

  7. The blocks are really great and wow 35 hours to finish your family values quilt. Way to go!


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