Cushion # 2

Well Cushion #2 is now complete.....this one is my favorite stitchery, i can imagine jumping in the wicker chair and spending the day quilting in the garden. I have had these stitcheries sitting in my craft bag for awhile now just waiting to be turned into cushions and with the immenient arrival of our new lounge suite looming close, i have been working hard to have them ready.
I guess the worst "task" in quilting, for me, has always been basting. I have always hand basted with a running stitch which is tiresome and backbreaking, at i went out and brought some quilting safety pins and i have used them to baste these cushions and ive found it to be quicker and just as secure as the stitching...........i know its not a new concept, but its new to me and it will hopefully make basting far more enjoyable!!!!!

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