Easter Fun

In an attempt to make a little more effort this Easter, i joined up to the Martha Stewarts Easter Workshop. We dont usually decorate the house but this year we decided to have a go!! The kids had a Student Free Day at school today, so it was a good as time as any to get started.
First we made an Easter Tree for the table:
Our decorations are store brought but it was great to watch the kids have fun with it. I love the way that even though Maddi is 14, she still loves to do these things!!! She had to make a little nest for one of the chickens!!!
Only thing we didnt think of is that when your sitting at the table it blocks the TV, aw well!!
Next on the list was a "practise run" of some cupcakes to take to the grandparents on Good Friday. Now the kids loved doing these:
Inside each cupcake is a solid chocolate egg "surprise". Id brought them a few different sprinkle toppings to decorate them........of course what would a child do?? Yep mix them up and use them all together!!! And of course, since these are only practice ones.......they get to eat them!!!
Last but not least, we hung a Paper Egg Lantern just outside the back door:
Its meant to go over a globe but we couldnt do that because of how are light is positioned!! Still have a few more activities planned for them over the coming days, some fridge magnets and photo frames. The house feels like Easter is approaching and the kids just love it!!
Off to try a cupcake!!


  1. there better be a cup cake for me next week. Looking nice.


  2. Your Easter tree looks great. I love the paper eggs and the little nest. And your cupcake holder's not bad either. I think I'll get my decs out this weekend. Thanks for showing us.

  3. Looks like fun might just turn up for cup cakes

  4. So happy to see parents still doing this fun stuff with their kids.....even though it takes a lot of time the kids remember it their whole lives. And you know these fun years will be gone before you know it! Take it from a grandma!
    Happy Easter...sharing yourself and giving your time is the best gift you can ever give a child.
    Happy Easter,

  5. Rose,
    I would like to know how to get a copy of your "Around the Garden" quilt pattern. Thanks...Trish Chesterfield, VA USA

  6. I would like to know how I can get a copy of your "Around the Garden" pattern. Thanks...Trish Chesterfield, VA USA

  7. Gorgeous Decorations Rose - I have never really decorated for Easter but yours are great - I may have to start ....

  8. It all looks wonderful, and the cupcakes look delicous!


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