Raspberry Scrolls

Need a snack for the family, but don't have the time to wait for dough to rise? Give these delicious and yeast free Raspberry Scrolls a try.

Les and Cohen are on holidays, and every time I walk into the kitchen, they look at me hopeful I'm going to bake them something - why did I not teach these hungry men to cook? That's not entirely try, Les does make the most wicked burger, but he has the biggest sweet tooth and can't bake to save himself! ;)

If I'm ever to get some sewing time, I need recipes that are quick and easy, and since it's berry season I've been baking these Raspberry Scrolls on repeat. 

These scrolls are super simple to bake, and you can use whatever berries you have, fresh or frozen.

There's no yeast in these scrolls, so there's no waiting around for the dough to rise or yeast to proof. They're not as fluffy as the yeast ones, but for a quick snack they are pretty damn good!

At first the dough looks a little dry and crumbly, but once you work it, you'll release the fat content of the cream and you'll be rewarded with a lovely dough - it's a great arm workout! 

I've had success with both fresh and frozen berries in these Raspberry Scrolls, but to be honest I think the frozen berries work best because they hold together as you roll the scrolls.

As they're cooking, the fruit breaks down and creates a delicious sticky base on the scrolls, almost like the jam your grandma used to make. 

They're topped with a drizzle of simple icing, and seriously the hardest part is waiting for them to cool down enough so you can eat them. They make the house smell amazing and they keep my boys happy - at least until they've gone, of course! ;)

These Raspberry Scrolls have been a life saver for me this holiday. I've baked them numerous times now and I switch up the fruit each time to give the boys some variety - the raspberry ones are my favorite though!

If you'd like to give these Raspberry Scrolls a try, you can download the recipe card by clicking on the link or right click on the photo below and save it to your computer.

I hope your family loves these Raspberry Scrolls as much as mine do, and I hope it saves you some time in the kitchen so you're free to do some sewing :)


Happy baking :)
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