Garden Block #1

Heres the first block of the garden theme quilt i started the other day:This block is called the "potting shed" and its very cute!!! I have to admit i started using the colour chart in the pattern book, to work the embrodiery but then i just gave up and picked my own colours........i have real troubles following patterns, ive always got to change something here and there, guess thats called artistic licence.
You can catch a glimpse of the finished quilt from the picture on the pattern book, it is lovely. I have made the red craft bag that u can just see on the right hand side, but i didnt use the stitchery that was suggested tsk tsk........i used another design that i just adored.
Not a lot of crafting today, i had the early shift at work (yawn yawn) was pouring down with rain when i got up and made a coffee and all i really wanted to do was take it back to bed, snuggle under the covers and sleep the morning away........but of course i could not....another morning shift tommorrow then i got a coupla days off........sewing!!! lol
Well off to work on the instructions for my library bag.........the writing of the pattern seems to take longer than the actual stitching (or maybe its because its not as enjoyable).
Happy quilting

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