Have You Ever Wondered....???

This post is basically about how we see ourselves. It all comes from watching "Wife Swap USA" last night, and it has me pondering. They take two women, complete opposites and they trade places for two weeks...........who would they "swap" me with???.......this has me intrigued.
Would they swap based on the lifestyle factor??? Now i can personally fit 28 hrs into a 24 hr day (or thats the way it seems sometimes lol).........between DH and the kids, our home, work, my business, looking after my MIL and my craft, maybe id get a swap where i could do nothing all day lol....heaven for a short time im afraid, id be bored!!
If they based the swap on personality.......im a true Capricorn, stubborn, strong willed, perfectionist, but loyal....again im imagining a swap where i had to sit back and relax. I been thinking about this for most of the day and i know that these "swaps" help to teach the women something about their lives..........u can just imagine what the kids would say to a temporary "mum" if u werent around........and maybe i could teach my adopted family a bit about the way we live our lives.
The best way, i guess, to see if things r on the right track, is to sit down and talk to those u love.......and thats exactly what i did .........they love me just the way i am and they enjoy indulging me with my projects........but a good point came out of all of this........night times here can be so hectic, cooking dinner, cleaning house and bathing DS..........we need to take advantage of this fantastic weather and kick a ball, or play "hide and seek".........in other words, be kids with our kids and not be so goal orientated, all of the time.
Ok i dont need to swap now.........think we figured this out as a family!!
Just a bit of stitching tonight..........had a tough shift at work and just crawled in the recliner and stitched.........but not before a game of French Cricket (girls won!!!!):

Happy Quilting!!

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  1. I have wondered about what kind of family I would be paired up with if I was in Wife Swap. I admire your communication skills, and the way you were able to get the answers from your family members without having to go through the actual ordeal.


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