More SBS Blocks

Now i know i should be concentrating on my patterns but i really really missed sewing just for me so i had to do some SBS blocks (my therapy of choice lol). I love going through my stash, picking combinations and then trying a new block:

Irish Chain and Crow's Foot

I love them soooooo much, i had to try just two more and then i promise to stop and get these patterns done:

Grandmothers Flower Garden and Gulf Star

Ok now thats outta my system for a couple of days I can work flat out on the patterns.......maybe after just a few loggies lol.

Have a great weekend!!! not working, the house is spotless (ok the washing pile is huge but its raining and raining here......thank godness for dryers!!!!) so im holing myself up in the sewing room to finish these BOM patterns!!!

Happy sewing!!
Rose xxx


  1. That's something I miss too - being able to do what I want to do without deadlines and writing instructions.

  2. I love the SBS blocks, it's all I can do to resist making some up.

  3. Your blocks look great. It is hard to be sure which would be my favorite. =)

    I'm sure the patterns will be done on time, and fabulous projects to do.

  4. Looks like your sewing on Friday was a bit more recreational than what you got done on Saturday… And wow! Your SBS tally is up to 17 already! You will have caught up with me in no time :o) Your blocks are beautiful, Rose! I can hardly wait to se the quilt all done! Are none of them paper pieced? I still haven’t done the B3 and B6 – care to share your calculations if that is what you did? Or did you do as I have done a few times; print the line drawings and make templates? Keep up the great work, my friend! And take care! Love from up north


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