Under the Pump!!

Wow what a day!! My main focus was to finish painting the bedroom, which i did, borders r up and almost all the furniture is sparkling and returned to its original place and this "new" colour has grown so much on me........i love it!!!! i looked at our bed and call me sentimental but i just want to hang on to it, so i am lol (i must drive my DH nuts!!!)

Half way through the painting, i got a call from Sally at the LQS (she has taken over from Dot and she is just lovely!!!)......she placed my biggest order yet, including 5 of my "Journal Cover", sight unseen (even i havent seen it finished lol).......so im under the pump to have it ready for sale by MONDAY!!!:

It is in progress and i know that this weekend (the one that i have off), is going to be really, really busy!!! What greater incentive to finish something than a deadline!!! Have a great weekend and "Happy Mothers Day" to all the mums!!!

Sewing, sewing, sewing!!!
Rose xxx


  1. Congrats is in order for a new shipment, your well on your way. Great patterns I've seen so far.

  2. Wish I was closer so I could come help you :(
    You'll get there, and you'll do a great job too!

  3. Hi. Happy mother's day to you. It's fun to get new orders.. Like your patterns. Good luck..

    Have a wonderful weekend


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