The Xmas Season was been full of wonderful days, amazing company, lots of pressies and laughter and a great time to relax. And yes of course i did turn 40 yesterday, so the celebrations continued!!

Every Xmas Eve we drive around and look at Xmas lights and this year we werent disappointed, the houses looked amazing:

Xmas morning started quite early (thnx to two excited kids) and the day was spent with family, lots of yummy food (cept the Goose, sorry mum!! lol) and of course wonderful gifts!!

Boxing Day is traditonally a PJ day in our house and i spent most of my time in the patio stitching away......pics later.

For my birthday we had a leisurely breakfast and visits from the parents, before heading out to this gorgeous country pub for a wonderful meal and then we hit the park (and yes kids mum may be 40 but she can still play lol). The rest of the afternoon and evening was spent with friends and a few drinks, which was really lovely!!!

Thanx to everyone who left a comment or sent me a "birthday" email, i will get around to answering u all personally and i also want to show some pics of the amazing quilty presents i received but im enjoying this relaxing time with the family and also this amazing weather (we have all just hopped out of the pool, very relaxing!!!)

Got heaps to share real soon!!
Hope ur Xmas was wonderful too!!


  1. Happy Birthday Rose!! I am so sorry I did not get over here on "the day". I had read about it on Anne Ida's blog and then got caught up...
    Tell Maddi that Charlotte made her something special ;) and tell Cohen that Zach is getting something ready to send to him too!

  2. Happy Birthday to You!!!

    And of course have a very Happy New Year as well!!


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