Block 2

As promised, here are some sneak peek pictures of the second block of Tender Moments:

The spider stitchery.....I think this is my favorite stitchery so far!!

Where the two blocks meet! I love the Orange Peel block!

The Dragonfly stitchery, soft and sweet...... are you seeing a pattern here? This quilt shares my love of Family and my love of the garden!!

One of the pieced blocks. This is Mosiac #19.

Got heaps of packing to do before an early flight Saturday morning (6am) to meet Anne Ida!! I seriuosly doubt Ill get much sleep between now and then, Im so excited!!! I can keep track of her trip with SMS's (what did we do before mobiles??) so i am just waiting on hearing about the first leg of her trip!!
Be back in blogland soon and Ill have Anne Ida here to share with all of you, our pictures and our thoughts of our wonderful time together!!!
Leigh only 3 more sleeps sweetie!!! Cant wait to meet you and your husband, its going to be a special weekend!!


  1. Have a wonderful time Rose, so exciting meeting up with blog friends.


  2. I love these Tender Moments!! When will it be ready for customers?
    Have a nice time with Anne Ida!
    Your photos in your former post are fantastic!

  3. Oohhhh so pretty Rose. Your flight to Melbourne, will you be spending the weekend in Melbourne then returning home?

  4. You are amazing Rose. Your work is terrific, but seeing your photos, I can see that you just have that artist's eye. I hope you and Anne Ida have a wonderful time. I will think of you both as you have this special time together. Julie in NH

  5. How exciting, Rose!
    Have some wonderful days with Anne Ida! I'll come back to see what you've been up to!
    Your new quilt looks great!

  6. One more day!

    I absolutely love everything you show about this quilt. This is going to be your best-ever pattern, and I already want it. That spider is just delicious!

  7. I love the spider and the dragonfly and the butterfly stitcheries. Such beautiful fabrics. Hope you have a great time in Melbourne. Have fun with Anne Ida. See you next week.

  8. I am so excited for you, have a great time!!!
    I also can't wait for this pattern to be available. It is so precious.

  9. love this.........have a great weekend

  10. The embroidery looks so dainty! Have fun with Anne Ida!!

  11. Your sneak peeks are always so gorgeous. I hope you and Anne Ida are having a wonderful visit.

  12. Hi Rose :-)
    Your work is lovely, as always. I am sure your workshop will be the very best!

    Say hello to Anne Ida for me and tell her that my DD has sent her friend a mail about the 19th. DD loves the idea.

    You guys have fun - I wish I were there with you!!

  13. The bits of that top I can see are wonderful, I can't wait to see the whole thing!

  14. oh, it's soooo lovely!!!
    The fabric and your Stitching it's wonderful!!!


  15. Your new BOM is lovely! Gorgeous colours! Thanks for sharing!


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