Stash Busting

I seem to have quite a few fabrics that tend to be overlooked whenever Im working on a project. Obviously when I brought them I liked them, yet they just seem to get left behind. In an attempt to try and make a dent in this part of my stash, Im using them for Modas Vintage Reserve Pattern:

Im aiming to sew one a day and have completed 8 of the required 32, plus there are heaps of Flying Geese units in the borders. I trying not to think too hard with this one, just use up the fabrics and hope for a good result!!!

It will make a great quilt to throw on the couch in the studio, for those cold nights when the kids come down to read to me or do homework or just have a chat.

I have finally relented and brought my own copy of the Civil War Diary Quilt after seeing so many wonderful blocks in blogland. Im not sure if I will ever make the quilt, I am far more intrigued with the diary entries of these 10 amazing women. Ive always had a fascination with that period of history since seeing Gone With The Wind when I was 10. Even today it remains my favorite all time movie!!........maybe Ill just try a few blocks!!


  1. Your Vintage Reserve blocks look great!! This will be such a snuggly quilt for the studio couch!!! Vishing I could snuggle up there!

    Enjoy the book - I'd be intrigued to see any of the blocks you might make from it. I still haven't dared to make any of the blocks... look what happened when I was just going to make a few SBS blocks... *lol*

  2. What lovely blocks. I really like them. I SO do not believe you when you say you may just try a couple of blocks - lol ! I think I'm going to get this book myself - don't want to be left out :-)

  3. Hi Rose. Your blocks look lovely. Thanks for the link to the pattern. I have lots of fabrics which need using up too.
    Good luck not making the Civil War blocks! Mine are on the back burner at the moment - only managed 2!

  4. I have put the book on my birthday list!! but really think it will be a long time till I have the patience to attempt any!

  5. Ooooh love those fabrics! :) This is going to be so pretty! Very my much my taste! :)

  6. Your blocks look just beautiful, the quilt is going to call to you when it's done. Cuddly:)

  7. Thanks for sharing Rose the page in the book I'll try that one for sure.I'm in mood for scraps and small quilt this will be nice. Take care and thanks for comments in my blog :-)

  8. Hehehe - I am looking forward to see if you can resist doing some of the CWD block :-)

    Super cute kitty Maria :-)
    I am sure she will love it at your house.


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