Putt Putt Anyone??

Today I found some much needed time to relax and play!!! It was a beautiful, sunny, yet quite chilly Autumn morning, so we needed a family activity. Mum and Dad favored the warm interior of the movie theatre ( I really wanted to see Kung Fu Panda!!!) but the kids had other plans.........Putt Putt Golf:

So we donned the winter warmies and off we went!!! It was ok while we were playing the holes that got the morning sun but in the shade, well the movies would have been better!!! lol

Cohen was the first one to score a "hole in one!!" on Hole # 5...."Way To Go Little Man"!!!:

I scored one on the 14th Hole!!! It was a fun morning, a little damp in places underfoot but the views are lovely:

And dont let these gorgeous little creeks fool you, the water is sooooooooo cold (oh Id only know that if I had to retrieve my ball from there lol):

After a yummy (and tummy warming) Chicken Snitzel and Gravy lunch we headed home to do our own things!!! Of course I headed to the studio!!!

For at least 18 months my sister has wanted me to make her a black and white tablerunner.....Im sure she picked the fabric 12 months ago!!!! So as her birthday is approaching I decided to start:

Black and white is soooooo not me and at first I really struggled with it but then I threw in some red and it seemed to work!!!! I have decided to machine applique the flowers on this. When I brought my machine I was impressed that it could do "mirror applique" and yet it has taken me almost 12 months to actually try it. It was a bit tricky at first but once I got used to it, I can see myself using it more often!!!

Lastly, I had a plea email from my Auntie Julie last night!! She and a friend make small quilts and donate them to the Maternity Ward of our local Hospital for the still born babies. Unfortunatley the quilts go quickly, which is really sad and the one thing that holds up their production is quantities of pellon or thin wadding. They have access to my scraps but if you are local (or somewhere close!!) and would like to donate any scraps, these amazing ladies would appreciate your help!! Just contact me and I will forward on your details to Julie...........keep up the great job girls!!!!


  1. I LOVE the black, white and red table runner!

  2. Well after 18 months, she will be so surprised and excited when she gets it - probably much more so than if you had made it for her right away! The applique flowers are cute.

  3. Wish I was close enough to help your Auntie's cause. I love the table runner. Black and red, you can't go wrong!

  4. What a wonderful thing that your Auntie is doing!!!! Wish I were close enough to help.

    Your sister is going to love that table runner. It is beautiful!

    How fun to go mini-golfing with your family. I plan on taking Ethan a couple of times this summer.


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