Another January BOM

Heres my third BOM for January..........i have to confess im cheating here, this was a BOM i started last year but i only completed January and February, so it is on my UFO list for completion this year. I found it today, in the bottom of the craft cupboard, in between housework and a shift at they r out again so i can have another go at completing all the blocks this year.
The calico has been tea-dyed in the microwave (this was from when i was experimenting with different "aging" techniques) and it is effective but i would really like to try staining with brown sugar, the effect is softer apparently. They r very pretty stitcheries and im not really sure why i got sidetracked with them last year. January is favorite flower.
Not much happening here craft wise.......just a busy day cleaning house (i do, do that once in a while too lol) and some grocery shopping for tommorrows party. Only one more sleep, little man and then u r 5!!!!

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