A Day at the Beach

Today we took some time out......some family time, and we took the kids to this small beach about 1 hour's drive from our home. We started the day with pancakes and strawberries and banana's for breakfast, then packed the ute and headed out. The trip to Lagoon Beach is usually really pretty, but unfortunatley the landscape is marred with the aftermath of "bushfires". We didnt comprehend the full extent, although we followed the "news" intentley, until we drove through it......u just have to commend the firefighters for their efforts!!!!
So we spent the day lazing on the grassy banks, while the children played and swam and even in this picture u can see the haze of other bushfires (in Vic, across the Bass Strait). The day was decadence, but DH and I keep reeling off all the tasks at home that needed completing (should be a "new" new years resolution, we need to learn to RELAX!!!!! lol)
I did manage to stop in at the quilt shop down there and BONUS, she had a sale!!!! so i was obliged to buy something lol..............hey this is from a self confessed fabric junkie..........u gotta stock up in case of fabric shortage!!!!!

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