First Completed Project of the Year

Well here it is, my first completed project for 2007 and coincedently, my first completed UFO. This stitchery has been lying in my craft cupboard for a few years now and i havent found a use for it, but i am working on a library bag pattern for Threadbare Creations and i wanted to make a prototype to get all my measurements accurate. I came across this stitchery and decided it was i chose some fabrics i know my mother will loooooooooove and voila............i made her a library bag!!!! I know she will love this, she is a great fan on my work. She proudly displays the first quilt i EVER made in the entrance of her home. I cringe everytime i look at it, but she loves it...............i guess its a sign of how far i have come as a quilter and also the extent of a "mothers love".
The other UFO's in my cupboard r fairly easy to complete, but i have a few "old" projects with "no home", "no direction" but a chance to shine this year as i work my way through them. It is comforting to finally see something i have stitched "find a permanent home".......Ill be even more stoked to see my mother use it!!!

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  1. Your bag is just lovely, stitcheries are the very thing right now at my quilt group. Thank you for stopping by at my blog!


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