Market Treasure

Today we went to the local market and i was looking forward to finding a few vintage sewing implements or some vintage buttons (loooooooooove buttons!!!!) but i was totally blessed to find this "treasure":This old birdcage has taken pride of place in our patio and i just love it!!!!! Im a big fan of birdhouses and cages and we have bird baths and feeders hidden throughout the garden and we r rewarded with many feathered friends sharing our space. Its comforting to sit out there and listen to them all or just watch them as they feed or bathe.
I love vintage items like these.........they carry such a history, it makes me wonder where this cage originated from or how and who used it????.......u could invent many possibilities.
Well maybe i didnt find the sewing bits and pieces i hoped for, but i had a wonderful day with the family and i have a great new addition to our patio.......back to quilting the 3rd cushion!!!!!

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