Sunday, February 18, 2007

6 Weird Things About Me

I have been tagged by Wendy to list 6 weird things about me. Now as a personal note to friends and family who lurk on my blog, plz dont add any weird things i forget lol.

1. Im a compulsive list maker: I write lists for everything and anything, its how i keep myself organised. Now if i do something i havent put on my list, i add it and then cross it off lol.....its the way i keep track of my progress.

2.Mosquitos love me: If i am standing in a group of people (or even on my own) u can bet i am the only person who gets eaten alive by mosquito's!!!.... and the bites swell and r so uncomfortable. I have been told that it may be my blood type (weird i know!!) but i think its because they love me lol.

3. My hair and navel: I do loathe anybody touching or playing with my hair, which makes trips to the hairdresser uncomfortable (maybe thats the reason i keep it so long!!!) .....when it needs dying(those pesky greys lol) i dye it myself and its a chore that would benefit some help, i just dont like people touching it!!! As for anyone touching their navel or coming near mine, dont!!!!......its makes me nauseous lol

4. Touching fabric: I have this bad habit of (for lack of a better word) "fondling fabric". I stand there in the quilt shop or going through my stash just running my hands over the fabric.....its comforting and helps me chose which one i like.........just take me to a quilt show, where u cant touch the quilts and u have to put something in both of my hands so i keep" my hands off", and even then its sooooooooo hard lol

5. Red Wine: I love to drink my red wine chilled.......which makes it difficult when u go to a restaurant or a bar because its always served room home i chill it, the colder the better!!!

6.Shoes: I loathe wearing shoes.......bare feet in summer and socks in winter. I spend a pittance on shoes cause i dont like them and when DH makes me spend a fortune on a good pair, they are generally uncomfortable and i dont wear them , so he has given up trying to convince me lol

Well that 6 was easy lol........DH always says that he loves my quirks, its what makes me who i am.......i not going to tag anyone, cause being new to blogger land i not sure who has or hasnt been tagged but its been fun looking at the weird things that make me me......ohhhh i just thought of 2 more things thats weird bout me .....wait till next time i get tagged lol

No sewing today due to the heat and work but i did get a wee bit of stitchery done.

Hope ur day was great!!!..............................Log Cabin Tally:10 Blocks


  1. How hard was it to come up with 6 things..great blog

  2. I'm with you on the fondling fabric, I love to feel my fabrics and lay them out to see and then put them away again.

  3. Just had to peak to see what you had posted. I too enjoy fondling fabric but didn't think it was weird, just a common trait amongst quilters. ;o) Perhaps I need to re-define that! lol


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