I have noticed in bloggerland, that aprons are making a resurgence. I have so many fond memories of great grandmothers and grandmothers (and their friends) wearing aprons. They used to have their daily chore aprons and then ones "for best" which were usually embrodiered. I have my grandmothers apron collection and i want to share:

Unfortunately they r discoloured in places, due to age, but each one is unique and the stitching is amazing, its difficult to tell the fronts from the backs. I keep them all in a basket with my rolling pin collection (yeh i collect anything lol).

You may notice that the apron in the back hasnt been completed. It was one of the last pieces of work my grandmother worked on. I have chosen to leave it that way, although there are times i think i should finish it for her. I learnt how to embroider by sitting next to her, threading her needle when her eyesight was failing and matching cotton colours because she always lost the little labels with the numbers on it!! Occasionally she would let me stitch but not often lol She was an incredible woman and inspired me so much..............what i wouldnt give just to see her one more time, in her apron waving goodbye with her hankie.
Such precious memories!!............................Log Cabin Tally:12 Blocks


  1. Your grandmother's aprons are wonderful to see, thanks for sharing a special memory of you and your grandmother together.

  2. Hi Rose ~ what a very special collection your Grandmother's aprons are. They are stunning and you are so lucky to have them!
    I love old aprons too, oh, and rolling pins too. LOL

    I was very close to my Grandmother and miss her so much...

    I hope you have a lovely Tuesday.

  3. Hi Rose, I found your blog through a message you left at Kali's blog. Nice to meet another Tassie blogger and I'm guessing from some of your photos that you live quite close to me. I think it is wonderful you have started your quilt business. Good luck with it.
    Your collection of your grandmother's aprons is wonderful.


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