Back to School Preparations

With one week left of the summer holidays, we are trying to cram in all those things we wanted to do and all the things we have to was collection day at Maddis school (her first year of High School), so we came home laden with uniforms and books:Thats the book and pencil pile.........we almost finished covering and labeling ( honestly i got tired of it and wanted to quilt!!!!)....we will finish tommorrow. She looks sooooooo grown up in her uniform, made me teary. This is a big year for her and hopefully it will enrich her love of music and creative writing. Shes a little nervous, to be expected, but im sure this year will bring her countless opportunities.
Cohens collection day is Monday and he is itching to get his new uniform. This will be his first year of Kindergarten and he is really ready to go ( im just not sure im ready lol), so its a big year for him as well........ill just hold on dearly to this last week of holidays!!!
We went to 2 craft shops for thread, one for a free motion i stood in front of all these amazing coloured threads and chose conservatively lol cream, gold for back and black (im thinking it will hide my mistakes if i dont advertise lol)..........i was sooooo good, just brought the cottons and NO fabric........well done me!!! cept for these 2 buttons i had to have lol:

They r gorgeous, photo doesnt show how much, and they r identical, photo doesnt show that either. So after covering books i sat down in front of machine, took a deep breathe and started machine quilting..........i managed to get 2 blocks done and although it isnt as elaborate as anything id hand quilt, im pleased with its progress..........

Baby steps when u learning a new skill i guess, but im getting there, slowly!!
Happy quilting,


  1. well done.........keep going..i think i remember seeing something similar to that.....somewhere....hmmm..... lurker

  2. Thank you for adding me to your blogroll. I find your site inspiring to read. Keep up the good work. Don't forget to relax when machine quilting. How exciting for the kids going back to school.


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