Bulb Time

As we enjoy the last few weeks of summer and prepare for Autumn, the garden needs some work. The pots that have bloomed profusley since late October need to be cleared out as the flowers are gone and the soil needs to be turned and repotted. The roses r ready to be fertilized and pruned before they lose their leaves and the weeds need to be pulled and more mulch added . I love to get out in the garden , its quite relaxing, so i headed off today to get a range of bulbs to replant my pots and windowboxes ready for a beautiful show in spring:

I think i managed to get a great array of different colours and fragrances....(dont u love the watering can, it used to belong to my grandfather, the greatest "green thumb" of them all). I havent been a fan of growing bulbs in the garden, yet i love to buy the flowers at the florist, so this year i thought id grow my own, in pots in our patio. Its also a great project for the kids to help with as bulbs arent as delicate as seedlings to plant up.
Well i had to work today, but my boss has kindly given myself and another mum who works there, the rest of the school holidays off so we can spend it with the kids....they r great to their workers and we appreciate it. Maddi and I got the rest of her school books covered, all the pens etc labelled and her bag packed ready for next Thursday morning.
There are many reasons why i love doing this blog and this is surely one of them. It is a great feeling to log on and see that someone has so kindly left a comment. The encouragement has lifted my confidence immensley. I recieved a comment yesterday which really helped my machine quilting experience......thnx Wendy for reminding me to relax when machine quilting....it made me look at the whole experience sooooooo differently and my quilting just flowed so much better....i got one more blocked quilted so im offically 1/4 of the way done....and she was so right, this is meant to be a pleasurable experience and not a chore.......and im learning so much and glad i took the jump and started quilting something!!!!
Hope ur day was wonderful too!!!

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  1. As soon as the days get warmer I get the urge to get out in the garden. We've had cold rainy days so no gardening yet.

    You have a really good boss to give you time off before the kids return to school.

    I enjoy visiting your blog each day. Thanks for the inspirations!


I hope you enjoyed your visit to my blog. I love hearing from you so thank you for taking the time to leave me a message. 😊