First Day at Kinder.

Today was Cohens first day at Kinder. He looked so gorgeous in his school uniform and in the car on the way there, he had the biggest smile of his face, those dimples sooooo prominent!!!.....Yes there were tears but not from Cohen, from me lol (im such a softie). He settled in quickly after meeting his new teacher (who is just lovely btw) and seemed quite happy when i finally left......hes a big boy now.
At 3pm when i picked him up, he was still wearing that gorgeous smile, he had made new friends, was hot and tired but was chatting constantly about his great day!!! And he brought home his first masterpieces, so i have to share:

His red and blue spotty painting and:

his people pictures.

He was very proud of his efforts and so were we, so they r hanging on the special spot in the kitchen, for all to see. Hes eagerley looking forward to Thursday when he goes to school again.
Maddi also had a great day at school. As part of their class project on aerodynamics, they had to construct a paper plane and test the distances that they flew. She was stoked to make the plane that travelled the furtherest (all thnx to those paper planes DH and Poppy have made with her over the years im guessing lol) heres the winning plane:

As for my day, it was really strange to be home alone, the house was so quiet. I did some shopping and then sewed some more log cabin blocks and kept constantly checking the clock for when they all came home again. Everyone had so much to share at the dinner table tonite.
It was a great day!!...............Log Cabin Tally:18 blocks

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  1. Having the day to yourself is strange at first but soon you'll come to enjoy your time alone. Then it will start go so fast, the day will fly by.


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