Handbag Challenge

One of my favorite bloggers Dawn has challenged people to post the contents of their handbags, just for a bit of fun, so here's mine:

Now lets see what we got here, purse, mobile, keys, sunglasses (which i cant live without), tissues, pen (no paper lol), a toffee, some scraps of fabric im matching, a sewing kit i got from a hotel in Hobart (like i needed it, it said sewing kit....so i said......mine lol) and my make up bag with fold up brush, tampons, roll on perfumes (for a refresh during the day) and eyeliner (the one thing i cant live without!!!!)..............so there u have it, all pretty basic. Makes me feel great and also takes me back to a time not so long ago i didnt have a cute little handbag...........i had a haversack full of everything.
A few years ago, when Cohen was little, DH and I went to a wedding and during the evening our table decided to write a list of songs for the DJ....we needed a pen and i offered to look in my handbag and after 10 minutes of searching the contents and placing them on the table ..........i had everything else but a pen...........id found a pair of little boy socks, a teaspoon, teething ring, matchbox cars, scrunchies and ribbons, spare dummy, a brightly coloured beaded bracelet, nappy rash cream etc etc.........im sure u getting the picture!!!
Thanx Dawn this little fun challenge has made me realise how minimalistic i have become with my handbag.....This one i brought a few months ago and i religiously clear out the dockets and lolly wrappers cause its like my first "normal" handbag since becoming a mum lol
Work today, but it was payday so alls good!!
Happy sewing!!!...........................Log Cabin tally:26 Blocks


  1. hehe...you're brave!

    I alternate my handbags (and can't get over the amount of lists, wrappers, tissues, pens etc., I am always accumulating!!

  2. Thanks for playing along!!!!!


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