Happy Anniversary Baby!!

Today DH and I celebrate our 18th Wedding Anniversary!!! I met this wonderful man when i was 17 and in less than 12 months we were engaged and then we married after my 21st birthday. Looking back at the wedding photos (which we did the other nite) we were both so young but we had such wonderful plans for our life togther. It is the love that we share that has seen us achieve those goals amid times of great happiness, some sadness, disappointments and sheer success. We have a relationship full of support, mutal respect, understanding and most importantly.....LOVE!!
After a long period of disappointment, we were finally blessed with the family we both so longed for (hence the large age difference in our children, pregnancy did not come easily for us). These two indiviual children have enhanced our relationship, given us new goals and challenges and we enjoy every moment.
Last nite DH and I headed off to an old country pub that overlooks the river and had a wonderful meal. A glass of local wine and lovely conversation, set the mood and or though there were other diners, we were only focused on us!! This was one of the views (taken with my mobile) :
As u can see the weather was overcast, but everything else about the nite was perfect!

To my wonderful husband Les, I would like to thank u for 18 amazing years!!! Also for your love, ur respect, ur patience, ur belief in me and for just being the most incredible person, who chose to share his life with me. We are going to grow old together and we WILL have those matching rocking chairs to sit on and watch our grandchildren and great grandchildren!!!
We walk this path together, today, tommorrow and forever.
Rose. xxx


  1. Happy Anniversary to both of you guys. You two truely are an inspiration to all. YOu are both beautiful special people. Love the Lurker.......

  2. Thanks for sharing your Anniversary with us. Yes I agree what an inspiration to all couples to take this special moment for just the two of you.

  3. I to enjoyed the night immensely, to be lucky enough to spend 18 years with the most beautiful,inspirational,intelligent& creative lady that lives on this planet is the best gift I could have(because I get to unwrap it and play with it each day),Thank you my darling for everything you are,for what you do and how you do it,I luv u with all my heart 4eva xxx

  4. Hi Rose ~ thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. It's nice to 'meet' another Tasmanian blogger, I agree.
    Happy Anniversary to you both ~ congratulations.


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