Happy Valentines Day!!!

A day of love and romance......or a crazy day of errands, chores for MIL and back to school preparations!!! My day was the later, BUT i did make dinner a special occasion....now keeping with the theme of red for Valentines Day, we had Spaghetti Bologanse and this lovely Raspberry Heart Pie:
This was fun and yummy......and a great cooking project for the kids to help with!!! Actually today was full of love and romance, I woke up to a beautiful message from DH and then when i checked my blog he had left one there as well, so a special dinner was prepared and we spent a lengthy time at the dinner table, as a family, enjoying each others company.
My day was full of errands and such but i did manage to do some more painting in the sewing room and to cut out some squares for my next project.....the kids artwork blocks:

Im still working on some colour combinations and the kids r loving to help pick and chose fabrics, so this really has been a great project to work on. Im not sure how far ill get over next few days as im back to work tommorrow with some HUGE shifts, but i need it. I went in and ordered my Horn sewing cabinet today and although it was quite pricey(ill be working forever lol) im pleased with my choice and will use it ever chance i get!!! and it is sooo cool, great work space to quilt on and drawers to keep my stuff in......cant wait to get it!!!
Last nite a friend came over and we had a "girls DVD nite", with DS included lol...we relaxed, ate far too many M&M's, popcorn and chocolate chip cookies and we watched "The Devil Wears Prada"......great chick flick and a really enjoyable nite.
Tommorrow DD goes back to school....her first year of High School........i wish her all the best for her new experience. I truely hope that this year offers her so many new experiences and i have the faith that she will succeed with whatever journey she choses to embark on!!
Happy Valentines Day!!


  1. Happy Valentines day.

    Your "Strolling in the block" quilt is so cute. Looks like you've done a great job on your first attempt and machine quilting.

  2. Yummy...what a lovely pie...how romantic.
    Congrats on the sewing cabinet order, you'll be so organized. Don't work too hard save some time for quilting.

  3. Ohhhh that pie looks so yummy! Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. That pie looks yum. Welcome to another Aussie.


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