Sunday, February 25, 2007


Every year my daughters friends come to school in the winter months with these gorgeous scarves that their mums have been busily knitting for them. And ever year i get too busy and by the time i go to buy the wool, all the great colours r gone!!!! So the other day i noticed that our Spotlight store had all of their new wool in , so Maddi and i went off today to buy some. Our only problem was that there were too many choices lol. Heres what we settled on:

Beautiful soft wool.......this is going to be challenging for me, cause its flufffy!!! I like to knit but thesedays i usually only stick to scarves. Years ago when Maddi was little i used to knit jumpers for her but they had to have an interesting pattern to keep me motivated.
I have been playing around with blogger tonite and ive decided to keep my log cabin tally on the sidebar (saves typing it into ever post!!!) and i have added a goal list for the month because i really really need to keep my projects under control. And what better motivation to complete ur list than when u publicly declare it lol!!!
Back to my stitching.

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