Log Cabin Layout

Now that I have a few log cabins completed, I have been playing around with possible layouts. This one is by far my favourite:

16 blocks make up the pattern and when repeated u also get the small cross between the diamonds:

I have spent quite some time fiddling with the layouts, and as i have seen this one complete and loved it, im thinking ill stick with it...........now the big decision........single or queen size quilt???......whichever way i go i will add a small border and then a larger border to emphasise the loggies..........well thats the plan at the moment anyway..........suggestions would be appreciated!!!!
I didnt sew a single stitch today!!!.......a visit to the MIL's saw me pruning her roses and mending her trousers, then it was the second coat of paint in the sewing room,tranfered 2 stitchery patterns for my garden quilt, then i played with my loggies and then i went to work (the late shift)...........now im home i just want to settle in and read everyones blog .....get my daily dose of inspiration.
Weather permitting, we off to the Penny Farthing Races at Evandale tommorrow.
Happy sewing!!..............................Log Cabin Tally: still 26 Blocks


  1. Your log cabin quilting is so amazing Rose!
    Sounds like you had a very busy and productive day, you deserve to put your feet up.
    I'd love to go to the Penny Farthing Races one day.
    Have a lovely weekend :)

  2. I like the colors in the log cabin! The layout is great.

  3. Beautiful colors and fabrics, Rose!

  4. Your loggies are turning out beautifully! Your colour choice is great. How many are you planning to make? Keep up the good work:-)

  5. Your logs are really coming along, you'll have a queen size quilt before you know it...


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