Quilt Top

Here is the completed quilt top "Strolling the Block". I think that the black borders really emphasise each colourful block. So the next task is the quilting. Hand quilting (my preference) would be too difficult within the blocks because of the layers of Vilsofix, so i have to machine quilt. I set the walking foot up on the machine and set about practising, which is going to take some time to master. Straight lines were a breeze, but its going to be a while before im happy with stippling or shapes.
Im going to do a bit of research on the net regarding machine quilting and just keep practising until im happy enough to quilt this project. I have another quilt top, which would be a great practise project so im going to baste that up and start quilting.
No work this weekend, so it has been great to relax with the family. I actually sat down and played a car racing game on the Playstation with DS this afternoon and we had some great laughs. Hes a very impressive driver for 5!!! DD spend the afternoon with her friend and when she came home we all cooked dinner (I had so many helpers!!!they must have been hungry lol)
Back to the stitching!!

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