Angel Quilt

One of my goals for March is to finally complete my Angel Quilt:

I started this quilt about 2 years ago and as u have probably figured out by now, im great at completing the tops then i seem to shelve them and move onto the next project without doing the quilting.........this month i will!!!!! This is an Annie Downs design (same designer as my Garden quilt) and its just lovely.......every angel has a story (the pattern book itself is just a treasure to read).......ill introduce u to some of my favorites:

Charlotte the Shopper................

Best Friends Zoe and Prudence.............

Hettie the Hat Shop Owner....................

Now i know this quilt has been "done to death" here in hangs is almost every craft shop, because its a great design..........i have seen so many variations. The original pattern was made in soft pastel florals..... i chose to use the stronger country colours but i am planning on quilting it as per the pattern (which is great cause its basically straight machine quilting!!!! lol)

So i headed off this morning to get the backing, wadding and cottons. This is what ill be using:

Because of work basting will have to wait until later next week, but im all ready to begin. Ill just stitch and knit the next few days, where time allows and then ill tackle this gem!!
Happy quilting!!!


  1. Oh, Rose! I love this quilt! It's so beautiful! And the angels are so charming :o) Best of luck finishing it! I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope you post a picture of it all quilted before to long :-)

  2. your Angel quilt looks lovely in the country colors. As you said others have made this quilt in pastel colors but it's nice to see it in different fabrics.

  3. Wow, there is so much for me to catch up on here. You've been very busy Rose...It all looks and sounds very nice and interesting.
    I hope you're having a fab weekend! (:

  4. Your angel quilt is terrific and it is totally different from those here in the US. I made an angel quilt from swap blocks years ago and have one from a BOM that's been in progress for many years; you're inspring me to get back to work on it!

  5. I *need* this quilt pattern! lol!

  6. I tried a google search for Annie Downs but came up empty. Do you have a link for her designs?

  7. This angel quilt is a pretty quilt. I haven't seen it before. Are you finished yet? :)


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