Family Sunday

It is very rare for our family to be together on a weekend, im usually at work, so we take pleasure in spending those times together and we make the day leisurely and fun!!!........After a teeny sleep-in (9am) we all had breakfast at McDonalds and then headed out to the markets. The weather was comfortable, so it was great to walk around and poke at all the stalls. I brought this cute little coffee cup and when we got home i quickly turned it into a pincushion for the new sewing room:

The pattern is called "Apricot Silk" and i was immediatley attracted to the strong gold colours (gold is fastly becoming my favorite quilting colour and im using more and more of it lately!!) I made one of these months ago which sits next to my chair in the lounge, where i stitch each nite, and it has become very useful since we got the new leather lounge (u cant stick pins in leather lol). I also got the 2 black and gold buttons u can see in the picture.....i love interesting, textured buttons to attach my quilt hangers, so these will be perfect!!!

We then went to my MIL's where we all got stuck into cleaning her windows.....a fun family job....mix together one DH, armed with a hose and 2 children and u get squeals of delight as they have water fights lol (meanwhile im the sensible one with the bucket and the broom cleaning, although i did get wet too, thnx DH lol)

When we got home we all set about our own crafty activities..... DD is building her own online forum and its amazing what these kids can achieve (im just grateful i can post on blogger lol) but she has all the avatars and banners etc just in awe. DH and DS have been working on a wooden car. It was a kit that had to be screwed together and painted and this is what DS came up with:

DH started all the screws for him and then he tightened them all up and set about painting it. He was so thrilled with his efforts that i promised to blog a pic for him......if u could see his smile and those dimples!!!!

I got some more loggies done (im over the 100 mark!!!) and then got my last BOM for March ready for applique, which im doing tonite.

A great relaxing family day for us on this long weekend.

Back to stitching!!!


  1. Sounds like you guys had a really lovely day.
    Your pincushion is so sweet. I a similar one for my MIL last year and she uses it all the time.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful day! Can I get you to come over and wash my windows, in the spring of course? lol Your son did a nice job on the car. Happy quilting!

  3. What a great idea for a pincushion. Great also for all those pretty tea cups that sit un-used in the cupboard.

  4. What a great idea with the pin cushion. Sounds like a great day was had by all.


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