Its Looking Like A Sewing Room!!

It arrived today!!! my one and only decadent purchase for the sewing room......the all important sewing cabinet!! and it is just so cool im loving it!!!

Its got two cute little drawers so i can stash all my fiddley bits and pieces in and a shelf (dont know what ill use if for yet lol) and when its open i get double the space to quilt, which is really cool!!!:

This model is called the "Quilt Queen" which is exactly how im feeling a very lucky queen (makes all those shifts at work, worth it!!!!).

We are going carpet shopping tomorrow, so i should be able to move in really really excited, this beats storage in the linen cupboard and sewing in the kitchen!! lol I am finding it really difficult though, to decide exactly what i need many shelves??? drawer space??? what to put on that blank wall???.......but i guess that i need to move all my goodies in and then work in there to find the best use of the space i have.

Can u tell im really excited??? lol....its beginning to look like a sewing room!!!

Happy quilting!!!


  1. Beautiful your jobs, Rose. Ciao from Italy :))))

  2. This is looking great, Rose! You are really going to have a wonderful work space! Hope you find a carpet you like tomorrow :o) Have a great and quilty weekend!

  3. Hi Rose
    had to come and visit you. I had a look at your scarf, and I think that I might be going back there after the sock attempt! Good to see you are getting your own sewing space organised - I couldn't cope without the space I've got.

  4. I'm excited for you. How wonderful. Have fun with designing the room. I will take any pointers or good ideas you come up with :))


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