Today i had to make a delivery of 9 of my patterns to the local quilt shop. i know i rave about my designs from time to time so here they r:

We have the "Family Melody" pattern, which is a sheet of music with a family quote, the "Library Bag" again with a family quote and the "Family Recipe" with sweet ingredients for a happy family.
I must say i was extremley proud of myself today, i went to the quilt shop, she paid me for my patterns.........and i didnt buy anything!!!!.........i just turned around and walked out, tempted as i was to buy something, but i treated this as business lol (and how can u make money if u spend it as soon as u get it lol).
Today was spent doing housework and groceries and then sewing some "loggies" and then finally tackling the quilting on the kids art quilts. I feel so overwhelmed at the moment, i have so many projects on the im determined to finish the art quilts in the next 2/3 days!!! Why cant i just work on one project at a time???........why do i end up with so many UFO's???.......time for drastic measures, nothing new till i get myself organised!!!
Im feeling much more relaxed machine quilting the art quilts and its great practice for the Angel Quilt, which BTW is next on my list!!!!
Hope ur day was great!!!


  1. Cute patterns Rose. I hope your business goes well. I've done it many times where the quilt shop owner has paid me and then I turn around and spend it all the store. I'm starting to control myself now.

  2. I just noticed you are on the blog ring, so I've probably been here before, and just didn't recognize your recent posts. I think it is great that you make your own patterns. I always think I would like to do something like that, but I have to come up with the patterns first. Good for you for not spending your earned money.

  3. Take 2. Just lost my response...grrr.
    Well done and congratulations on your patterns and sales Rose...also with being strong enough to not spend your earnings!
    I'm doing the same with my etsy sales so far.
    Your patterns look and sound great!


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