A Perfect Gift

This weekend we had a much loved visit from Auntie Vicki (DH's cousin). Cohen and I went and picked her up from the airport Friday afternoon, which was fun!!! We had lunch there and then waited for her flight to land. Unfortunatley i had to work most of the weekend, but we did all have dinner tonight which was a great time for chatting and laughing. She has been staying at my MIL and it has been great for her to have the company.
We had planned to all have Xmas (last year) together, but due to circumstances she and her family were unable to come over. We had planned to get over to her earlier this year, but it didnt happen............so this weekend was a special treat!!!
We exchanged our Xmas pressies this weekend and she gave me this great quilting calendar:

It starts with a quilt..........then each day has the pattern to make the blocks......then another quilt etc etc..........i havent counted but im guessing there r 20 quilt patterns all with directions!!!

She knows me sooooo well!!! The kids enjoyed exchanging the "belated" presents as well. There gifts where not lost in the Xmas hype. My calendar is going in my sewing room, when it is finished ( and BTW my DH has been busily working at reparing the ceiling and all else that needed doing, this weekend, so all i have to do is finish painting 1 and a bit walls and that ceiling, get carpet, and then i can move in........my March goal will be achieved!!!!)
It has truly been a special weekend.........the perfect gift........a visit from Vicki ( cant wait till u move back here babe!!!)........hope ur weekend has been special.
Happy quilting!!!

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  1. Hey! I've got that callendar as well:o) It's great!


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