332 Blocks and still counting!!!

I crossed off another Goal for April today, and it feels great!!!.......332 Log Cabin blocks...148 to go!!!!!!!!!!I have enjoyed each and every block ive sewn so far and i think ill be quite sad to see this quilt finished.........may have to start another one, ill miss my loggies!!!!. I am just over 2/3 of the way there and i have had to move them from my little basket into a roomier plastic container because it was getting too full!!!

But my first sewing task of the day, didnt quite go according to plan..........my next SBS block.........last nite i cut out my pieces and was all set to sew, except i really didnt have any idea how to sew an arc (and i had to sew 4 in this block).......i had a fiddle here and there, sewed one unsuccessfully, came and looked on the internet, thought about emailing Anne and then finally picked up one of those books i brought from the Oatlands market a few weeks ago (on the way home from the craft fair) and success!!!........instructions, and it was soooooo easy....i had my block assembled in no time!!! I was ready to move on to the applique bit, but i searched everywhere for my freezer paper and it must have got lost when i moved all my things from the house to the sewing room!!! not to worry......ill get some on the way home from work tommorrow.

Great day for me!! Hope urs was as well.


  1. Haha! Sorry... you had me laughing there, Rose!

    First I want to congratulate you on reaching your loggie goal for this month! I love your little loggies, and can hardly wait to see more of the setting!

    Secondly, should I appologize for saying the A4 was a rather easy block..? I'm really pleased you figured out how to piece the arcs! Did you do it my machine? I do all my curved piecing by hand - so I'm not sure I would have been that much help on this one... best of luck on the appliqué!

    Take care! Quilty hugs!

  2. its so prety Rose! love the colors

  3. Love love love those log cabin blocks. I reaaaalllly want to make some myself - I'll just add them to the really long list for now!

  4. Well done Rose another goal reached. If you reallllly want to do another one you know my colors are pink and green hehe

  5. Do you **sleep**??? Goodness, but you're productive! Absolutely beautiful work, Rose.

  6. Congrats Rose on the loggies milestone for April. They are looking really great. I look forward to seeing more of them.


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