April BOM'S

The "slump" appears to be over (maybe due to me remembering to actually take my vitamins lol) I had been feeling so overwhelmed whenever i went to the sewing room, so drastic organising needed to be done.

Yesterday, when all the chores were done, Maddi was busy working on her school project and Hubby and Cohen were busy cleaning the gardens, i wrote, what i thought, an unachievable goal list for the day and set to work. Breaking down all the tasks actually made it easier for me to get a system going. I now have a group of projects ready for the machine and a group beside my chair, for handsewing at night with the family.......and voila, my first goal for the month has been completed:

This is the Debbie Mumm Block of the month.......i actually really like this months, its far better than last months watering can!!!

And this is the one from Angies Bits and Pieces.......now i was going to stop doing this BOM but Maddi really loves the blocks, so i have promised to complete it for her!!!..........as for the stitchery "Flower of the Month" one, i have decided to quit.........this is my second attempt at completing the 12 blocks and it just doesnt inspire me.........ive decided not to struggle with it any longer...........the blocks i have finished r being turned into cushions and i will donate them to the Tas. Academy of Dance (where my mum works) for their fundraising raffles (for sets and costumes etc etc)

I was "honest" with my UFO's.....did i want to keep working on them, could i give them away or just hide them somewhere lol?? that was the only one i could not find any desire to complete and with this new system in place, i feel happier!!!!

On an Aussie note.......football fever is alive and well down under......to my lurkers and Collingwood supporters........Richmond let u win!!!!

Happy Quilting.


  1. Dear Rose,
    I am with Maddi on this one. I love the flower block you are working on the very best! And by donating the others in pillow form,you turn something you are not happy with, into something that will make a lot of others happy! You have discovered one of the best ways to do good, I think!
    Your honesty is a wonderful thing and I am grateful that so many of the quilters are now coming out of the dark side of winter into spring's blossoming sunlight! Love your site, especially your profile pic...love that!!!

  2. Good for you Rose! Sounds like you got a lot done. Just making the decisions about the UFO's takes a huge weight off one's shoulders. I'm happy dancing for you because your slump seems to be over.

  3. I'm glad to hear you are back on track. Sometimes it feels really good to get rid of a UFO that is holding us back and if it's still a favorite than finishing feels good too.

  4. beautiful blocks! i'm a big fan of Debbie Mum's quilts-they are always so lovely


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