April Reflections

At the end of the month I like to reflect on all that has happened.......its hard to believe tommorrow is the start of May!!! April has been full of highs and lows for me. Needless to say the magazine commission would have to be a definite highlight for me.......although i had a minor panic attack on Saturday (was i worthy of this??? was i ready for this???)......im ok now, February is a long way off, so i have time for this to sink in!!!

The start of April saw a kinda slump for me......i felt overwhelmed with all i was working on and i had this creative energy that i couldnt do anything with (hence the autumn table topper lol....which BTW is now offically a UFO!!!).

The trip to Hobart for the Craft Fair was another highlight.......i loooove family trips, seeing the kids checking out the motel for the first time, chosing their beds, opening every cupboard, checking the television channels lol You get to teach them important "social" skills, taking them to resturants or strolling through antique stores and then u get to have FUN with them.....games in the car, pillow fights in a motel room, playing in the parks, visiting the chocolate shops and over indulging!! and then theres McDonalds for breakfast!!!!

I set a Goal List for April and i got side tracked....but thats ok, i need to think carefully for my goals for May...........top of the list will definetley be reaching my 480 block tally on my Log Cabins!!!.......as much as i will be sad to see this project come to an end..........i got another loggie quilt all planned out!!!.......maybe for Maddis 13th birthday!!! Another defintite is my SBS blocks, i love these and need to set an achievable goal for May.........and can i squeeze in a couple of DJ blocks???........lets just wait and see!!

I have treasured every moment i have had with the kids and DH........we both work so hard that dinner together or watching a family DVD or reading a bedtime story or helping with homework is precious........but we manage to give as much as we can and i can proudly say that Maddi has moved up to the top group in spelling, she was one of three to complete her project and hand it in on time and her homework has been all correct.........and last nite when i read Cohen a story, he read it with me and his writing and drawings r really improving........we r so proud of our kids!!!

I have an amazing support circle of family and friends that r proud of all I achieve but i now have a wonderful group of amazing "blog" friends that share my frustrations, my joy and my love of quilting!!!........i thank each and every one of u for ur comments and emails.......ur encouragement, advice and belief in me, keeps me moving forward!!

Happy Quilting!!!


  1. A lovely post Rose. We do need to be thankful for what we have don't we?

  2. A very nice post to reflect back on everything that's been accomplished. We forget how much has happened sometimes.

  3. Thanks for that post to remind us what really is important in life. Patchwork can wait, family can´t! Enjoy May as much as you can. Take care.

  4. Hello, my friend! Thank you for a post filled with such warmth, and a reminder for all of us of the importance of family! You are such a sweet person!

    I hope you have had a great first day of May! And I wish you as many joys in this month as you had in April!

    Lots of {{hugs}}


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