Creating with the Kids!

It was one of those rare Saturdays.......i didnt have to work (hooray!!) and we didnt need to go anywhere, for any reason.......a family day at home. My body clock is just set to a 6am wake up, so i was up and about long before the others, did a load of washing and cooked a date loaf and a banana loaf (the aromas actually woke DH...sorry baby!!)

A quick trip to Spotlight for some supplies for the weekend (oh and just a few cute little buttons i couldnt resist lol) and was all ready to start the day. Maddi's best friend, Bianca came over to spend the day with her, so the girls headed off to the sewing room, while the boys hovered between the computer and DH's workshop.

The girls always like to do something "crafty" when they get together so today we tried something different:

Here they r busily working away on the "sock dogs" and believe me between the giggling and the talking and the mobile phones beeping at them every few minutes, its a wonder they got anything done lol........but they did and both of them were very pleased with their efforts:

Two cute puppies resting on my sewing room lounge (probably tired out from listening to all that talking and giggling lol). While they created i got to work on my Journal design and then later the applique for my SBS block.

The boys were busy as well. DH and Cohen put together his "dump truck" and then my budding little artist set to work decorating:

He didnt quite get all the painting finished.......maybe tommorrow!!! Its just so nice to have days like this.......watching the kids create something and see their joy when its completed....these days may be rare but they r definitley precious!!

Happy creating!!!

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  1. Katching up on my blog reading tonight... Looks like you and the family had a great Saturday, Rose! Those dogs the girls made are really cute *lol*, your daughter and her friend must be clever using their hands. And you must be so proud of your little car painter :o) Looks like he's doing a great job!


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