Family Values Part 2

I had to work today grrr and i also had to send off some patterns to a lovely lady in NSW who is putting them in her shop, so not much quilting here.......but i was looking at the BOM quilt tonite and im soooooo happy with how its going, i just wanna snuggle up under it now!!!
From the gorgeous comments i recieved from my last post, u r enjoying the sentiments behind my Family Values stitcheries, so heres a few more:

Our home is our haven......its not big or flashy but its ours and after work when i roar up the hill, eager to see my family after a long tiring shift at work, i see the lights on and its my palace.....inside r all the people i love!!! walking in the door, im surrounded by all the things special to us........and im home!!!

I read the book by Connie May Fowler "Before Women Had Wings" several years ago and I loved it!!! that phrase has always stuck with not sure "who" gave me my wings......i think mine just grew with determination and a passion for what i believe in, although the major influences in my life have been grandparents or great grandparents, so maybe it was because of them:

Nows heres a special block to me........we all have bedtime rituals with our children, ill share ours.....i love they way they smell and look after a bath and in their PJ's, we read a story, do the hugs and kisses and then i always say "i love u with every beat of my heart, every breathe of my body and every inch of my soul" is soooooooo cute to hear them say it back to me (or though nowdays Maddi just says....yeh love u too mum!!! lol):

I dont like tension, for a number of reasons, so creating a "harmony" in our family life is very important to me........we do not fight in front of our children (actually we hardly every fight) and we dont approve of them fighting in front of us.......its a work in progress lol:

Maddi has been blessed with confidence (just like her Dad), Cohen unfortunatley, is like his Mum.......he tends to be shy and just sits back and watches people, which at times can be mistaken for being "snobbish" i a family we try and build our kids up to move mountains, conquer the world and believe in themselves........months ago Maddi stood up at her grandfathers funeral and in front of a room full of people, she said her "goodbyes" to her beloved Pop.......i commend that confidence:

Saved the most special to last!!!........on my birthday (27 Dec) just before we married (11 Feb) my husband wrote on my card........"we walk this path together, today, tommorrow and forever"......every year and every card, he writes this mantra and this is how we live life.......together!!!
Part 3 will have more!!!
Rose xxx


  1. You leave me with a warm heart and a big smile after reading this! Can hardly wait for part 3. {{{hugs}}}

  2. You have some wise sayings. And I love your stitchery designs. Looking forward to see how the whole quilt will look like. This is a pattern I would like to buy.

  3. Oh wow you have a romantic husband. Just adore these blocks Rose, stunning.

  4. Hi Rose. I love your stichery designs. The blocks are enchanting. I get blissful looking at them. I'm really looking forward to see the rest :o)


  5. Oh Rose, I just love it! I might take up stitchery! lol What a beautiful soulful quilt it is! Be well!

  6. Your stitcheries are all absolutely delightful...but it is the beauty of your heart and that of your family that touches me the very most! What a beautiful mantra to say each night to your children and what a wonderful husband to write such beautiful words of wisdom!

  7. Oh stop it, you're making me cry!!!

  8. These blocks are so sweet. Very pretty and such touching phrases. Its going to be a lovely sentimental quilt when you are finished.

  9. Oh, I love your husband's mantra! How true it is, or ought to be! Your blocks are just wonderful. Are you going to release this as a pattern? After the BOM?

  10. Hi Rose.
    Love your work and your blog. Keep it up!
    From Kristy (another Tassie quilter/blogger)


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