Journal Progress

I have a couple of pics to share, of the progess of my Journal cover:

This will be the front cover- I had to add the green border due to just a teeny mathematical error ( How hard is it to divide by 2???? lol.....i brought a calculator so that might help!!!) but i think it sets it off kinda highlights the stitchery!!!. The back is just full of the blue and pink squares. Lets take a look inside:

This is the inside front panel. I wanted to include pockets for special things, so i stitched up the "keepsake" stitchery and added it to the pocket lining!!! The back inside panel will have the "photographs" stitchery......i just think they will be lovely little additions that compliment the Journal cover.

I was going to begin stitching the other stitchery tonite after work, but i came home soooo exhausted and ive been snuggled up in the chair.........i think ill just check out my blogs and try again tommorrow!!!

Happy stitching!!!


  1. Congratulations on your new venture - believe me, you deserve it. I went through the same when I found out my book was to be published. From America - May God bless you indeed.

  2. Thanks for your comment on my blog! I am not a huge one for red, oranges, and yellows either - it was just one of those things, ya know? I liked a few of them and the impulse struck me to make a quilt out of them! Lol* It's really looking good now too, the blocks look much better in quilt form than alone!

    I LOVE your quilted journal cover! It's beautiful! What a good idea! I think I might have to do something like that now! :)

  3. The journal cover is really coming along! It's BEAUTIFUL! The stitcheries are so pretty!!! How will the "Pen" fit in? -or is it intended to be a separate holder/cover?

    And the green frame around the stitcery looks great! - if you didn't tell anyone it was a calculation error, no one would guess it wasn't part of the intended design!

    Looking forward to seeing it all done! Take care :o) Lots of quilty hugs!

  4. The journal cover is fabulous. I like the idea of the photograph and keepsake pockets, too.

  5. Its beautiful, Rose ! What a pleasure to write in such a personnalized journal !

    Smiles !

  6. How clever! You are so creative :-)


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