More Blocks

Work has consumed most of my time over the last few days (and all this weekend unfortunatley grrr lol) but i have sewn 2 more SBS Blocks:

Batchelors Puzzle and Star of the Orient

These actually looked harder on paper than they were to make......they were fun and im getting much better at setting in squares. I couldnt resist any longer, I had to sew a DJ block!!! I love love love this quilt too and i really shouldnt be starting anything new, but i did lol!:

Pinwheel Gone Awry

I have been presented with a challenge ( i love a challenge!!!). My mum works at the Tas Academy of Dance and she has been successfully selling my patterns to the ladies down there.....they have asked if i will design a "Ballet Bag" with pockets for the Ballet slippers and costume shoes, hair ties etc mind is already flooded with ideas!!!!......i had planned on working on a medallion quilt with a stitchery centre as my next design, but hey i am open to what people want, i can wait on this design.

Hope u get tonnes of quilting done this weekend!!! Im working and DH is ripping our bedroom apart ready for renovations (which means painting for me next week!!!! i love to paint (not the clean up though!!!)

Take care,


  1. Love your blocks, Rose! And you're right, those SBS blocks looks harder on paper than they really are :o) Love your DJ block as well! Are you going to trick me into starting this one? Don't have time!!! I just recieved a new BOM in the mail today - and I know I won't be able to do any sewing this weekend. Friends coming over from England, looking forward to seeing them again :o)

    I'm so happy to read you are getting requests for new Threadbare designs! And there will be time to make the medalion stitchery quilt when you have the ballet bag done :o)

    Renovating the bedroom sounds like fun! Have fun painting next week! Wishing you a great weekend! Lots of quilty hugs!

  2. what a cool idea...and ballet bag!! have fun creating!!

  3. Hello..

    Thought I'd visit you too.
    Like your "place" here :o).
    Ballet bag - I could use one of those, for my eldest daughter...


  4. How exciting to be asked to design a bag for the girls. That will be so much fun. And your blocks are coming along nicely. Have a really good weekend.

  5. Lovely blocks. Are you working on a Dear Jane quilt? I spot A1 :-)

  6. Congratulations. Things seem to be really happening for you. Grab them with both hands and run with them!!

  7. Congratulations on your DJ block. Looks great. Also congratulations on being asked to design a ballet bag. That will be fun to do. I hope you get lots of quilting done this weekend too :))


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