Tagged Again!!!

I have been tagged by the lovely Jenny ( another Tassie blogger) to share 7 random facts about myself (only 7??? i could go on and on about me lol...just kidding)....ok so i want this to be about things i hopefully havent mentioned before, so here goes:

1. I dreamt of being an author or a journalist....had my whole career planned
out, travelling the world, living in poverty and writing.....guess i used my
creative streak in a different way!!!

2. I love music, loud rock music!!.......i grew up with the Queen of Rock Suzi Q,
Alice Cooper, AC/DC, Hush but nowdays i listen to Nickleback, 3 Doors Down,
Fall Out Boy or Eskimo Joe........its a running joke at work, u can hear
my music before u hear my car coming up the road lol

3. My all time favorite movie is Gone With The Wind (and i got dibbs on being
Scarlett lol) I loved that movie the first time i saw it and ive seen it many
times since and many more to come!!!

4. I didnt get my drivers licence until i was 29 (oh ok i was 2 months off 30 lol)
and i only "made" myself do it because Maddi was starting school and someone
had to drive her.....i had a fear of driving after being a passenger that was
involved in a nasty accident, luckily none of us was seriously hurt but
it left me emotionally scarred!!!

5. I love to indulge in long hot baths, but it has to be the whole deal.......fragrant oils,
bubbles, candles and a glass of wine and total peace and quiet (ok since having
kids i have lost the peace and quiet bit!!!)

6. Im addicted to "Desperate Housewives", im not a television fan but once a
week, everything stops for my "fix" of Wisteria Lane!! Did anyone see
tonites episode????

7. Last but not least I love to read thrillers.........esp James Patterson or
Nicci French...........a super sleuth i am not, so i always get a great
surprise at the end when the story unfolds and im like "i missed that!!!!"lol

Ok so thats my random thoughts about me.........now i get to tag!!! i have to tag 7 people, so here goes: Leigh, Anne, Wendy, Tazzie, Linda, Pam and Melanie
Well that was actually harder than i thought.....i must be boring!!! lol
Take care
Rose xxx


  1. I'm like you on #4 I was 34 (2 years ago) when I got my licence after years of being adamant that I didn't need to know how to drive. Then my eldest got into a grammar school that was too far to walk to...well that was just the motivation I needed and I'm so glad I finally figured it out...now I can drive to the quilt shop! ..extra incentive never hurt anyone :o)


  2. OMG, Hush?!? What a riot. I was in love with them when I was like thirteen of fourteen. I even saw them at the Palais with the Ted Mulrey Gang. How embarrassing to admit that!!!!!!Lol.
    Oh and thanks for tagging me - I think?!?

  3. Just discovered your blog, what a wonderful read!

    Wondering how us poor souls in the US can get our hands on your BOM Family Values?

  4. I used to live in the same town as the kids from Nickleback came from -- when they were little boys. I guess that could be my claim to fame - LOL

    How are you doing now on your BOM quilt? - too bad it didn't turn out the way you liked and you pulled it apart. Sometimes things just don't quite fit or work and it is best to start over.

    Thanks for tagging me - I will have to think hard about this :))

  5. It's fun to learn little tidbits about each person. I enjoyed your list, #5 is my indulgence.

  6. I am a fan like you of Desperates Housewives, I would like to have been a writer, but I´ve finished being a teacher, I´ve got my licence when I was 29.


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