Row C Complete

It was my weekend to work, so not a lot of time for sewing but i did finish the 3 remaining SBS blocks of Row C:

Crossed Canoes, Grandmothers Pride and Night and Noon

Thats 3 whole rows........only 11 more to go!!!!! oh dear. And no paper piecing....yet!!!

I love playing around with the colour combinations, im finding some fabrics at the bottom of my stash i cant remember buying ooops ....makes me wonder just how many quilts i could make with what i have, also makes me think "how much have i spent???" lol

I have been busy working on the BOM patterns....still havent taken the quilt to the shop yet, its going tommorrow!!! (well they didnt really need it over the weekend......i dont wanna give it up!!!) On Wednesday Sally is taking it to a Quilt Show in Ulverstone, so hopefully it will recieve a bit of interest!!!

I have started stitching my 2nd new design, i wont show u yet cause this one has a story attached (i can hear the groans!!!......just one more story i promise lol)

Well not much else exciting from me....hopefully this week ill get all the patterns finished and find some time for sewing some loggies!!

Take care
Rose xxx


  1. Ooh, ooh, ooh!!! Your blocks are lovely! Three whole rows done!You'll have caught up with me soon :o) And I'm so impressed with your accuracy of the crossed canoes without paper piecing it!

    Enjoy the last hours with the BOM before it is handed in at the shop! And best of luck with it at the show, it will definitely attract attention!

    Take care, my friend! And have fun with your new design! Looking forward to seeing it! And read the story :o)

  2. Your blocks are so cute. Every time I see your SBS blocks, it's all I can do to resist starting my own!

  3. Wonderful.
    You have been busy... I see you'll soon catch up with Anne Ida....
    The blocks looks beautiful, I'm impressed with your accuracy :O)

    I understand you have a strong bond to the BOM, but it has to go....;O) you know that...

    Looking forward to the story and the new design. It's truely inspiring to see how your crative mind works ....

    Take care, and have a wonderful week.

  4. Oh Rose! Those blocks are lovely. you have co-ordinated those fabrics so well. Yes, it is scary to think what we have spent on our hobby (obsession) over the years...
    I will be in Launie for most of this week so I might just have to pop into The Country Quilter for a sqizz at the BOM!
    Take care, Kristy.

  5. Your blocks are so impressive!! Your quilt will be magnificent.
    I will look forward to another story. Good luck with the show I'm sure you'll sell heaps of patterns :-)

  6. Your blocks are lovely. I need to go back in the archives to see the other 2 rows you have done.

  7. love the crossed canoes block-one of my favorites. great job on the blocks


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