Thursday, July 26, 2007

House Medallion Part 1

You may remember my House stitchery....for some time now i have wanted to design a Medallion quilt, so this stitchery was my starting point. I have seen many Medallion quilts which i just love and i did a bit of research and found that they originally started with a square (on point) and then borders were added to show the quilters skill.....ive probably broken every Medallion rule, but heres part of my version:

These r the corner blocks, which i agonized over but im sticking with them then it was off to the fun part........the borders!!!! ok so bare with me on this, i might change my mind:

I just love Flying Geese, so of course they had to be in there somewhere, why not the first border??? I plan on another 2 major borders at this stage so i will post as it progresses. Its been fun to sew so far and i want it to be quite busy and scrappy and then u can just use up whats in the "stash".......its just a matter of getting those measurements right (and we all know how good my math is lol) far so good (ok i confess, i had a total math meltdown with the first pinwheel but i fixed it lol)
Stay tuned for the next could be awhile cause i got Maddi's Birthday Quilt to be finished before next Wednesday..........but i think so far, so much fun!!!!
Take care
Rose xxx


  1. Hi, sweetie! Your House Medallion looks great so far! You're right, it is rather busy, but the stripes of green and burgundy fabric calmes it down a bit. This wil be another hit! Hope you dont add to much busy-busy around it so the stitchery "drowns" - you know how sentimental that house makes me *lol*! Have fun with the math :o) Hugs, xxx

  2. Beautiful Rose! It is a wonderful medallion! The fbrics are beautiful. You are very talented.

  3. It looks terrifc so far Rose. Certainly a new twist on medallions, but so effective. So nice to see quilters/stitchers step out of the box and do something different for a change.

  4. Hi, Rose.
    Love the house medallion. Never mind breaking some rules, Isn't that what development is??? I like it rather busy - it fits!!!
    Looking forward to the rest :O)


  5. It looks great, I can't wait to see what you come up with for the next 2 borders.


  6. Wow! You have a wonderful beginning on your medallion quilt! You must be a natural designer. Keep up the great work!

  7. It's looking just wonderful Rose, I can't wait to see what's to come.

  8. Love it, love it, love it. What a great way to use a stichery project. You've inspired me to make a medallion quilt with one of my stitcheries.

  9. I love the medallion block! You make such great stitchery patterns. And the flying geese are just perfect for the "feel" of the block.

    I'm sorry I was on holiday and unable to join in the draw. I found a magazine that has some stitchery patterns in it - maybe one day.....

  10. I love quilts that just 'grow' so much more than 'planned' ones. The scrappier the better for me!

  11. I like it, but then I am a scrappy quilter! The center medallion is wonderful.

  12. Don't you know...there are no rules, just your vast imagination! I like what you are doung, the borders look fab. Tracey

  13. Another beauty from you Rose. You are such a clever person. I love the stitchery and agree with Anne Ida, about not drowning it out as it is rather busy, but I'm sure you'll achieve the look you're after.

  14. I LOVE IT....I LOVE IT...your house medallion is exquisite, I can't wait to see more. Good for you getting the math worked out, I would still be agonizing over it.

  15. Love the house, love the corners, love the flying geese. My eyes want something light in there, though - either a border before the flying geese, or something in the geese that's lighter. Love it anyway. Maybe the next two borders will give my eyes a rest?


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