Stitchery Swap

I have just signed up for my first swap and im excited!!!! Its a great one for me cause its a stitchery swap.....for those of u who dont know about it, go and visit Sweet P for details. I just keep adding to that "to do list" lol but thats ok. At the moment, i have the flu and feel miserable so i spent tonite looking through my magazines and my file of stitchery patterns, trying to pick out what im going to do for the swap:

Its a hard decision, there r soooooo many gorgeous patterns to chose from, i still havent decided, but i have decided that my swap will be a little wallhanging!! Its amazing how distracted u get when u get out all ur craft books (even worse than reading the blogs......half an hour turns into 2 hours and ur only half way through ur favorites lol). But since i really didnt feel up to sewing it was great to reread all the articles (and i think i picked out another 50 projects i just HAVE to do lol)

So while i was sitting there on the sewing room floor, surrounded by magazines, i noticed my hyacinth bulb had opened. Now u know how u go to the Garden centre or if ur at the markets and there is a bucket of bulbs with the picture of the flower on the front???....well every year i must be the only person who picks out a bulb that was in the wrong bucket, mine is never the same colour as i pick.........but this year i got just the one i happy!!!

Take care and Happy stitching!!!
Rose xxx


  1. Rose I hope you're soon feeling better. What a pretty hyacinth, I don't think I've ever seen them done that way, in water. Have fun choosing a stitchery design.

  2. Get well quick!!!beautiful flowers...I always love your photos...

  3. I joined the swap too and am a WRECK! Stitchery is new to me and I may have bit off more than I can chew. I will do a wallhanging too and pput some handquilting on it to make it decent. PRAY!!

  4. I never seen a flower grown in a vase of water, I'll have to try that.
    I hope you feel better soon, and have fun picking just the right stitchery pattern.

  5. Hi Rose
    Hope you feel better soon... The colour of you hyacith is truely gorgeous.

    Wish I had just a tiny talent for drawing, so I could make my own stichery patterns - have a few in my head, but I'm hopeless with a pencil...

    Good luck with you swap


  6. Why not do one of your own beatiful designs?

    That's a gorgeous flower!

  7. thanks for mentioning the stitchery swap...I have signed up for it.........take care........

  8. Hi, sweetie! Hope the flue clears up really soon! Take some time to care for yourself.

    Have fun with the stitchery swap!
    Lots of hugs from your at the moment very absent friend in Norway!

  9. I love hyacinths, especially their delightful scent. The swap sounds like fun and I'll be watching for the exchanges.

  10. I missed this post somehow :(
    Your stitchery swap sound like fun.


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