Weekend in Hobart

This weekend we headed down to the south of the state, to Hobart for DH's annual work dinner. We stayed at the Casino (the kids loved the room service lol!!!) , heres the view from our room:

(Sorry Jules, had to take a pic of "that" mountain just in case u were missing it!!! lol)

It really is a pretty place, except it was sooooo cold!!! The dinner was great and at these kind of functions i tend to "stress" about talking to the other wives but this year my body decided to take over and took my voice lol.... all nite i was trying to speak and sounding like a creaky door (and it is really frustrating trying to talk to people across a table, in a crowded room with music playing.....without a voice!!!! lol). The next morning it was gone completley which made for a difficult shopping day (it seemed like all the shop assistants wanted to chat!!!!)

But i did manage to visit a couple of quilt shops.......I havent brought any fabrics for my stash in sooooo long, so i had a great time just picking out ones i loved:

Some of these will end up in the House Medallion wallhanging which i hope to start sometime this week. Thnx to all those who have entered the "giveaway" so far. I have loved reading ur stories about ur families!!! A few people have sent me emails so that they can be included as well, which was lovely. We will do the draw Tuesday after dinner!!

Take care
Rose xxx


  1. Rose how awful that you lost your voice, but I'm sure it didn't stop you having a great time. I'd almost forgotten what a mountain looked like....lol... none in Oklahoma, flat as a pancake here. It looks like you had fun shopping for fabrics, very pretty, but gee you must have good control, I thought I was going to see a huge pile....

  2. Sounds like you had a great time. Your fabric selections are wonderful! The mountains are beautiful. I live in the "Rock River Valley"..NO mountains here!

  3. Even without a voice, you were able to do the important stuff - buy fabric! Beautiful fabric, too. Thanks for the pics of Hobart, as I may never get to Australia.

  4. HI Rose, gorgeous fabrics, very "you"
    Sorry to hear you weren't 100% try and stay warm.

  5. Hi there...The view from your window looks great ....one day we would love to come and live in Hobart...not that I have ever been...love your quilts you are clever...keep it up


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