Knitting Bug

For the last week, ive had this uncontrollable urge to pick up the needles and cast on a knitting project.......not just any knitting project but a throw just like my Nan used to make many years ago:

So today, even though i have other projects screaming for completion, i knitted!! Now my Nan used to knit up beautiful squares and then my Mum and I would help her sew them all together to make these amazing technicolour throws. She used to have them all over the house, on the sofas, on the beds and a stack in the linen cupboard that my sister and I used to use, with the help of a few chairs, to make playhouses. Im not sure where any of these throws have gone, maybe to the goodwill shops or maybe they just wore out from all the use.........regardless, i have this desire to make one of my own!!

Now im not the greatest knitter, nor do i look co-ordinated while im knitting but there are times in my day that im idley waiting around, so now i can knit while the dinner or lunch is cooking or while im watching Cohen splash around in the bath or while i read the blogs (oh ok maybe not then but i can try lol). Today i managed to achieve one square , just in those few spare moments (and Cohen really appreciated the extra few minutes in the bath....about 3 rows worth!!!)

The pattern is Moss Stitch (my Nans favorite). I plan to knit up different coloured blocks with different patterns (might help improve my knitting) and then they will become the greatest blank canvas to be creative with. Im planning on doing some wool embroidery on a few of them, maybe using some braid, buttons or sequins or whatever i feel like to give it a little pizazz!!

I always feel close to my Nan when im stitching but knitting these blocks brings back so many memories ( i even remembered how many stitches to cast on to get a 6" block!!!) I may not have one of hers, but ill have my own version of one of her "wonderful throws".

Take care
Rose xxx


  1. Oh I am getting that knitting bug too. I just do not know how. There is a store near here called the Yarn Seller and I may take Charlotte and go for a quick class. I want to make cotton dish cloths. I have 4 of them, not nearly enough and I really dislike the terry cloth ones after using a knit one.
    I imagine after all those squares get sewn together on your throw, it looks like a patchwork quilt.

  2. I admire those who can knit. I tried a couple of times, but never can get the hang of it. So, I crochet, which I CAN do!

  3. I love the fact that it is possible to knit and read at the same time - even though I don't knit much anymore! I used to pretend I was doing the research for my degree whilst knitting - great multi-tasking!

  4. I admire your knitting talent! I tried to learn how to knit but to no avail - it was quite comical. LOL Your work is beautiful.

  5. Oh, no! Don't give me the knitting bug, please! I love to knit, but my shoulders just can't handle it :( No, seriously: hope you have lots of fun with it, sweetie!
    I used to knit all the time as a girl - learned when I was eight - and have knitted piles of sweaters, scarves and mittens over the years. Used to multi-task with knitting, reading and listening to music all at once :o) Have a sweater that is about 1/3 done in the basket next to the couch, but haven't dared to make a stitch for the last year... hopefully it will be done before I retire in about 40 years time *lol*

  6. Nice job on the knitting. Knitting is one hand work project I don't do. I'll crochet instead, except I think I've given away my crochet work.

    I love your new tote bag. What a great way to carry around your projects.

    Happy Spring!

  7. Hey Rose you have just given me heaps of ideas on how to bling up my knitted squares that I have been working on off and on all winter,(more off than on i have a very short attention span lol) you never fail to amaze me,I LOVE TO KNIT lol. Your new tote bag would look very nice with MY knitting needles and wool in it lol!I hope your having
    a good break with the kids.

  8. I love to sweet aunt taught me when I was 5. Something about the clicking sound of those needles is very relaxing. Your project sounds wonderful and your square is very nice!

  9. i cant wait to see all the lovely colors as you progress..
    happy knitting..

  10. Oh I've been thinking about doing a rug like that to use up all leftover bits of wool. Now you've really inspired me. I hope that you'll keep showing us your squares as you go to keep me motivated.

    cheers Lenny

  11. You know I have never been a knitter, but this bug seems catchy, almost enough to make me give it a go. I look forward to some pictures of a finished throw.

  12. I'm really very courios about this pattern! I hope you'll put a photo on the blog right away. You know, my grandmother made many carpets from knitting and also chrochet. I'm soon finished with my granny crochet pillow as you may have seen earlier at my blog. Can't wait to see your photos!


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