Row F

60 SBS blocks down....just 80 more to go!!! Row F is now complete:

Silver and Gold, Fools Puzzle, Bow Tie,Old Maids Puzzle & New York Beauty

Album, Big T, Ladies Aid Album, Aunt Sukeys Choice and Blazing Star

Now if I thought this row was difficult, Row G looks like a nitemare lol I have intended to sash the rows as i go but it just hasnt happened yet!! I have so many favorite blocks, some id like to use in other projects.......have i mentioned before how much i love this quilt??? lol

Hope u all have a great weekend (lots of sewing for me and a game of miniature Golf)
Take care
Rose xxx


  1. Oh, they look great, sweetie! Some of my favorites are in this row; Aunt Sukey's Choice, New York Beauty and Blazing Star (the last two just to look at, not necessarily piece *lol*). Don't worry about row G; if I could do it, you most definitely can!!!
    Take care and have fun!

  2. Your blocks are looking great. How did you get started? Just working from stash or did you buy a lot of your back ground? I would like to work on a project like this, but don't know how to start and plan the whole project

  3. Those are gorgeous! Your color selections are wonderful. I wish I was as gifted as you are in the fabric selecting process! It is a definite gift!

  4. Way to go on getting this row completed. I am still working on Row B!!! I have given myself until December 2008 to finish the entire quilt! I like your color combinations, this quilt will be stunning.

  5. Wonderful blocks you've completed. It's going to be a gorgeous quilt.

  6. This is really very nice! You are 20 blocks ahead of me, but I don't compete with you, you know. I think you are very clever to complete one row at a time. I have now the most tricky onces to look forward too, but I do feel my skill has improved a lot since I started this project, and that's quite satisfying.
    As for the award, I have only got one name...
    Have a nice Sunday!
    In western Norway the weather is just horrible, most of the time.

  7. These are looking great so far. I love the colours you're using and your piecing looks very precise. I also love your 4 seasons quilt - it is a real beauty !

  8. Nice blocks. Can't wait to see them all together.

  9. Wow! These are all going to be so wonderful together, even if some of them are a pain to piece! The colors are fabulous.

    I love your fall swap piece and wish it were mine, and will respond to the award when we are online tonight. We can only be on when the generator is running, and my time is up for today. We're in the forest!

  10. It certainly is easy to see why you would love these blocks and this quilt - I do too. These are so beautiful. I really liked the four seasons swap quilt too. You do wonderful work.


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