Busy With New Projects

I have quite a bit to share as at the moment, I have so much going on!!! (Its great...i love being busy!!!) Firstly Sally (LQS owner) wanted me to design a "Sampler Quilt" for the next round of advertising (after everyone is tired of seeing Family Values). I was thrilled at this cause i love samplers, so i started with a few different layouts and then took them in to her to see which one she preferred. We both settled on a layout but she felt that some of the blocks i had chosen were a little challenging for beginners.......so it was decided i should design 2, one for beginners and one where i could go crazy and throw in all the blocks i loved!!
Next job was to pick the fabrics (my fav part) so we settled on a fabric family, "Bound To the Prairie 2" and in the shop they were lovely, strong country colours but my problems began when i got them home and started piecing. Heres my progress, so far:

U may not be able to tell from the pic, but they r all so similar that they tend to blend in with each other and nothing in my stash seems to work with them (they seem antisocial lol) but i have been encouraged by my good friend Anne Ida (also my technical assistant!!! lol) to persist with it and keep the "fabric family" together. I wouldnt say im not happy with it, it just isnt what i wanted!!! (For the second one, im chosing the scrappy look!!! and im changing the layout)
I really want to stipple the lights in this quilt and so far i have only practiced on a large, batted square, so today i pulled from my UFO drawer a quilt which i hate to admit is my oldest UFO (approx 9 yrs old!!!).......heres my "Bears Paw":

Hmmmm that was back in the day where more than 3 colours confused me lol. (hope the creases come out) Im going to baste this up sometime tomorrow and quilt it. I will be able to practice my stippling on an actual quilt before i tackle the sampler!!!! and hey at least its another UFO off the list!!!!
Now for those of u that read Anne Idas wonderful introduction to our joint project, the Winter Quilt, u will have already seen my block (and Annes absolutley stunning one!!) This next pic is to show Anne that i am keeping up, i now have 2 blocks lol:

Im doing something i almost never do with these blocks......usually id keep track of where each colour went and all the blocks would be identical but for this quilt wherever they fall, they get pieced.......its gunna make a great quilt!!!!

Well its back to the cutting table for me, I really need to get these Samplers made, patterned and out there cause Sally also wants a 3rd quilt which ill share about later, not to mention the two designs of my own that r sooooooooo close to completion and then the ones in the UFO drawer or the Kids quilt ive designed in my head or..............lol

Take care
Rose xxx


  1. Such a busy girl. The sampler is looking fantastic and I just adore the two blocks you've done for the winter quilt. The colors are gorgeous.
    So much talent, so little time :-)

  2. Your second block for the Winter Quilt is fabulous, and your blocks looks so great together! And the "sew them as they fall" look is great - makes it look even more scrappy than it really is :o)

    I think the sampler is coming along nicely! Keep at it - and it will probably turn out better than you think now!

  3. YOu have been busy since you hurt your shoulder. I like the sampler you are working on, but I love those types of colors.

  4. Love the look of your sampler so far. You have been keeping busy. Love the two scrappy blocks.

  5. Hey, well done on getting a UFO out of the way.
    I like the sampler, I'm sure you'll find the right way to finish it.

  6. I love the pieces youare working on... looks fun.

  7. Wow, you are busy!! But a fun busy. weird to hear you talk about Sally...I just read an article on her in my new HomeSpun mag. All your projects are wonderful!!!

  8. Your new sampler looks great! And so is your second block! Now I am waiting for more about these two projects!

  9. Busy busy !! What fun it all is. Love everything you've done. The sampler looks good. Probably will appeal more to beginners than a scrappier one. Glad the UFO will become a quilt at last.


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