Sunday, October 21, 2007

Weekend Sewing

I have tried hard to concentrate all of my Threadbare sewing during the week and leave the weekend sewing for my own projects. I just succeeded this weekend, in completing my Winter Quilt Block, which im doing with Anne Ida (have u seen her blocks, they r stunning!!!!):

I have tried to convince her the we r doing a "swap" with this quilt lol but i can totally understand why she wants to keep hers!!!!.....thing im worried about with mine, is that the pattern gets lost in the background........but hey im loving this "international sewing bee", its motivation, its sharing a passion and its making a quilt in friendship!!!

I have major goals for 2008, some im ready for (aching for) some im learning to feel more comfortable with but for one of those "future projects" i have been busily snapping photos, gaining inspiration from this glorious Spring:

Ive currently worked with birds, butterflies and bees and id have to say bees r definitely more "camera friendly" lol......i still have not got that "perfect" shot but im getting closer!!!! And how perfect is this???:

Would u believe this is a weed in our lawn??? (Ohh did i mention we got a new technology has really progressed!!!!)

I am taking my first ever class on Tuesday (i swore id never teach, im way to shy, but u have to grow.....and 2008 offers me the "ultimate" teaching experience) so im preparing a great, quick, effective block and with just a couple of students, im sure we will have fun!!!


  1. I think your Winter Quilt blocks are fantastic! They wont get lost into the background at all, your quilt will have a lovely soft tone.
    Love the flower pics, keep up the good work with that new camera!

  2. I love the blocks Rose, they are super cute. Scrappy is my favourite!

  3. Your Winter Quilt blocks look great! Don't worry about the pattern, it's there, definately! Good luck with your class and your teaching!

  4. I am not seeing where the pattern gets lost. I love your background colors!!
    Your "weed" is gorgeous. It is fun to see spring/summer pics when everything here is dying off.

  5. Your blocks a re looking wonderful Rose, love the weed, is it a dandelion? Hmm now you've sparked my interest with what your new project could be. Enjoy the class.

  6. Your blocks are stunnung too Rose ! I agree with the others that the pattern is not getting lost at all. I love your choice of colours.

  7. Your blocks are as fantastic as Anne's. I don't think the pattern will be lost at all.

  8. Your blocks are looking great, sweetie! I still feel they are a lot warmer than mine :o)

    I love your photos! They are amazing! Weed can be so pretty *lol* Keep it up!

    Lots of hugs...

  9. Your blocks look great. So do your weeds! LOL

  10. I love your Winter Quilt blocks and don't think they get lost in the background. Isn't this "international sewing bee" just so much fun?

    You'll do great teaching - relax!

  11. Your blocks are lovely. When I saw them I wondered how I had backtracked to that other blog with the same blocks! LOL

  12. I love your winter quilt blocks! Your weeds are much prettier than the ones we have here. VBG Keep using your new camera. The pictures are wonderful.

  13. I love your blocks and with some quilting the design will pop out again.
    I had the pleasure of meeting Anne Ida yesterday. She does not belong to a guild, yet, so I will bring her to mine when she has time :-)

  14. I think your blocks are nicely done. The flower pictures are really nice too. Good luck with your class!


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