February Workshop

I have finally finished the third of my stitchery blocks for the tablerunner:

Im going to be teaching this at a workshop in February called "Summer Garden with Creative Women"......of course there r going to be 3 amazing designers there, Gail Pan, Rosalie Quinlan and Natalie Lymer (and me!!) all of whom i cant wait to meet!!! Its very exciting and Im sure it is going to be a fantastic weekend..............to make it even more special, a very good friend of mine (who i wont name cause ill let her share this news)......is flying a very, very long way to be here for the workshop (have u guessed who yet???).........She is going to be here for 11 odd days and ive been "happy dancing" since we first discussed it!!!!! Ill be able to show her around Tassie and its quite possible that in June next year, she will be able to show me her wonderful country ( and one very close to it lol)

My MIL is home from the hospital and i would like to thank everyone for their lovely comments and to all those who sent such heartfelt emails during the last week. Things havent gone smoothly since she was discharged......her days r quite up and down and last nite we experienced a very bad "down" moment (which was really quite scary) but today she was looking and feeling so much better. She is trying (or fighting is probably a better word) to hold onto her independence and we respect that, but i dont think she realises that she really isnt doing anything for herself anymore.

Ive had limited time (or energy) to sew this last week due to helping out with Mum and getting orders ready (thank u New Zealand for being so accepting of "Family Values") so i just have to do what i can, when i can!!!


  1. Your tablerunner will look great! How fun to get to meet those designers! You are all so talented!
    I think I have a little clue on who's coming to visit! How wonderful for the both of you! You have my concern and best wishes for your MIL. Take care!

  2. Your stitchery looks wonderful!!! This is going to be such a great runner!!! I so look forward to making this! ...Doing the happy dance :o)

  3. Lovely stitchery - what a great workshop shame Tassie is sooo far away.

  4. What a wonderful table runner this will be! Congratulations on such a wonderful teaching role - you'll be a superstar!

  5. I am very excited to be coming to Tassie....can't wait to meet you....roll on Feb!!

  6. Your stitchery is gorgeous! Perfection.

    Can't wait to hear about your teachings and the relationships that you form with the other famous names! (You did mean FOUR amazing designers, right?!) ;-)

    Still loving my Autumn tabletopper from you!!! I don't think it will ever be put away for another season. It's a classic!

  7. Another gorgeous block Rose. How exciting for you that **** will be visiting with you.*s*. Hope things with your MIL improve.

  8. OMG, I'm so happy for you and your friends...and yes, my intuition tells me who your long distance friend is....And maybe next year (?)....

  9. I am so loving the blocks you've been working on. I'm looking forward to seeing them all together side by side.

    I hope things continue to improve for your MIL. It's such a difficult time for you so please take good care of yourself.

  10. Lots of prayers for your MIL...I adore mine as well, and so I can truly relate to the bond you have with yours. Prayers for you as well, as it takes a very strong person to give themselves in the way you have to your family.

    Your project is beautiful, as always, and I'm so jealous!

    I hope your visit with your far away pal goes wonderfully, and we all will be anticipation to hear all about it! :)

  11. What a lucky woman you are! That February weekend will be wonderful, and then having your friend there, too, will just be icing! Love the design. I can hardly wait to see the whole thing together.

    I'm so sorry that your MIL is having such a hard time. I hope things get better for her, hence, for you.

  12. I know you and Anne Ida will have a great time together. She is such a wonderful person. And when you come to Norway tell us so perhaps we can have a get together sewing meeting.

  13. Rose, I'm just back from Anne Ida's Blog : such WONDERFUL news ! I'm so happy for you both, really. You're going to have a wonderful time all together, both you and Anne Ida are sweethearts...

    Could you tell me when your new pattern will be released, Rose ? It's so beautiful....

    Hope things are getting better with your mother.

    HUGS & SMILES to you, Rose !

  14. gorgeous!!!!! So glad to here your MIL is home and recovering!


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