Fun Mail

Dont u love the postman??? Today he delivered two amazing packages and after a busy day pattern writing for my next 3 designs it was a welcome distraction.
Firstly my Four Seasons swap Quilt:

This gorgeous quilt is from Dannielle.....her first one went missing in the post (and i felt dreadful that she made another).........Dannielle i love it and will treasure it twice as much!!! Heres a close up of the stitchery:

I love ragdolls and her stitching is incredible........Thank u sooooo much Dannielle!!!!. She also sent me these:

A Mc Calls quilting magazine (which i have devoured) and two adorable patterns (one for bunnies and one for a doll)...........thank u thank u thank u!!!!

Kim at Honeysuckle Cottage was featuring a fabric pack the other day, so of course i had to go shopping!!!! This is the complete range of Madeira from MODA:

I have plans for this fabric (stay tuned!!!) and they even included a delicious smelling soap (mmmmmm makes the studio smell delicious)............well back to pattern writing (they dont write themselves, i wish!!!)


  1. Hi Rose

    Yes! I do love the postman, well what he brings, that is.....
    Must say that your Moda collection looks wonderful.... exciting!!

    So nice of Dannielle to make you a new one, when the other one got lost in the mail!!!

    Must also add that I really like Choen's house - his very good!!

    Wish you a wonderful week!!

  2. Oh, that mail looks great! The mini from Dannielle is so pretty! And it was so sweet of her to make you a replacement for the one who went missing!

    The Moda collection is wonderful! Can't wait to see what plans you have for it!

    Take care, and have fun writing!

  3. Well you know now that you actually received the first "lost" package. Oh I'm so relieved it finally made it!!


    OH...and I hope you like the 2nd replacement package as much when it get there! :-D

  4. I'm telling myself I don't need fabric, but I totally wish for for your Moda fabrics. They are just beautiful.

  5. My goodness, you did receive a very nice quilt. I love the fall colors and the design is beautiful. I love the Moda fabrics you picked.

  6. your swap quilt is beautiful. I love the colors and the stitchery is wonderful!!! McCall's is my favorite magazine!

  7. That was so nice of Danielle to make another for you. It would have been a real shame for you to not have that adorable quilt.
    Can't wait to see what you do with the Modas.

  8. The postman was really kind to you today! That's a wonderful fall swap piece - love everything about it. Are you doing the winter one? I decided not to. Too much other stuff going on. I guess it's hard for you being on opposite seasons, too!

    I saw all the Moda collections that are out yesterday. It took everything I had not to buy some. The color green was on sale for 20% off (making them about $7/yd.) - anything with green anywhere in it - and lots of those have green! But I didn't get them. I don't *need* them, I just wanted them. =)

  9. We were both so lucky to have such incredible partner in the Fall Swap. My first package never arrived either so my partner had to make a new one. I didn't expect it but she did it anyway. I feel so blessed! As I'm sure you do.

    Yummy fabric from Kim!

  10. Hi Rose,
    Have you seen the tiddley winks and Happy go retro range from Moda? The designer is Arrin Turnmire. I love these two ranges.

    A Jules


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